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About me


About me

Curriculum vitae  :  here
Manufactured      :  8.3.1975
BIOS subsystems   :  intelligence (1kB)
                     wit (64kB)
                     romance (63kB)
HDD capacity      :  4 beers
I/O ports         :  *censored*
Main memory type  :  VSSD (Very Slow - Short Duration)
E-mail            :
PGP public key    :  9C3E 85DC AA07 FF90 2C0F  C24D 10D5 EA88 8DF3 9775
ICQ UIN           :  3103406
IRC nickname      :  devik or devik2 at IrcNET

Something about me: After I have finished a High (electrical) School, the next step in my education was Czech Technical University (CVUT). Unfortunately I did not finish it, I had to drop it after three years. My specialization at CVUT was computer graphics. Our team developed very effecient method of near-optimal BSP (binary space partitioning) tree building. We used 3D interval arithmetic along with modified radix-sort method.
You can read my articles about raytracing visualisation in czech Chip magazine (1996 - "Kouzelne Paprsky").
Meanwhile I gained an experience in PC programming, especially in Win32 environment. My career covers almost all aspects of Windows programming starting from VB, VC++, MFC, VJ, PB, Win32 API, ODBC, ADO, DAO, COM, SQL (namely MSSQL Server), ASP, HTML and so on ..

At end of 1999 I woke up and started to work with Linux. Because of my experiance with windows and NT kernel programming I quickly became familiar with it. What about you ? ;-)

A sport forms considerable part of my life (specially martial sports) and I also like car driving and horse riding.

My current job is unknown. I'm programming whatever I want or whatever wants my chief and I'm also hostmaster of this site.

Uff, my hands hurt so this should be enough !

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