FastCon Service

You can download it here. Remember that it is free code and is no longer supported by me.


FastCon is WinNT remote console service. It allows you to connect to the NT Server or NT Workstation remotely from a WinNT or Win95 system.
Very nice thing is that you can disconnect from running session (either by line error or Ctrl-BREAK signal) and the remote session is still running. You then can latter reconnect to the session and continue with work.


Local user group "FastCon Users" must be created on the server. Service and client needs a WinNT 4.0 or Win95 system to run properly. All users allowed to connect remotely have to be either in Administrators or "FastCon Users" local (domain) group.


Copy fastcon.exe, wenum.exe, whoami.exe and fcsvc.exe into %systemroot%\system32 directory on the remote server and type fcsvc.exe -install. Then open Services applet and make the Fast Console Service startup automatically. The fclient.exe should be copied into %systemroot% or \windows directory on each client machine.


All management can be done using fclient executable. Type fclient without parameters to obtain syntax help.
Utility whoami (also included) displays security context in which console is running.
Only note: When you are in remote console mode (see examples bellow), you can terminate session by typing 'exit', break session (but leave running on the server) typing Ctrl-BREAK.
Ctrl-C signal is correctly sent and handled by remote application. Once you created session, only you or Administrator can connect to your session.


fclient NT ver ; try to connect server 'NT' and obtain service version fclient NT new my ; creates session named 'my' fclient NT list ; lists all active sessions fclient NT con my ; connects to remote session 'my'

Error codes:
All error codes are the standard Win32 error codes (GetLastError() call).
For example,
2 - bad filename (session you need does not exist)
5 - access denied (you have not appr. privileges or session you trying to connect is not yours)
109 - broken pipe (session was terminated - you can reconnect lately)

- kill command can be used on any session (not to only your ones)
Release 0.9:
- better internal connection closing method - reduced bandwidth usage (faster response over WAN, slower on LAN) - remote console name as local console title - server stability was improved, it has also side efect: after terminating of a session you can reconnect the same session again at least after 5 sec
Release 1.0 of FCSVC:
Added testing of "FastCon Users" user group (needed to create console).
Added WENUM.EXE - enumerating of all windows on active (hidden) desktop