Click on image to animate it ..

As I stated on the first page, graphics is one of my main interests. Here is one from my first anims where I used particles to create smoke. Animation has 25 frames, letters are deformed using normal wave displacement, smoke is created by high density stream of small particles rendered with turbulence shape and deformed using magnetic and gravity fields.

Next I wanted to play with realistic motion. I created deformable cube from matte gold and let it to fall to a desk. As you can see, it's really nice ..

An animation of a sphere and text around it. Text was extruded to 3D and placed to spherical coordinates. Then I can move text around sphere using spherical translation. Sphere has a bump texture applied.

Ok, so let's go to see some more interesting things. Particles are very powerful, this motion was created draging particle producing sphere. Particles had short lifetime and decay to another colored particles. And these again morphed into slow long lifetime smoke particles. You can see result :-) ..