Devik's MM galery ;-)

25/10/2001 Scaling and feedback
Many (including John Ellson, one of graphviz authors) notified me that scaling can be done using graph [size="7,9.5"]
Sam Vilain pointed me to Introspector site. I will have to look at as I want to generate structure reference map of whole kernel someday ..

21/10/2001 Printing and sources
Because many people asked me how to print these pics (they are too big) I looked for solution. The dot doesn't know about scaling. The fastest way is to manualy edit ps file and add rotation/scaling.
For now I updated the files bellow and they should print at A4.

Here are patches for gcc-3.0.1, perl script for preprocessing and sample shell script all with comments inside. You will also need dot from graphviz tools (see Freshmeat).
Graphviz also can to these online as CGI. I'm thinking about dynamic system which will automatically generate clickable graphs from recent kernel sources. It can be done for function calls and also for structure dependencies (then I will need to modify gcc further).
Anyone want it ? If I get enough positive responses I will do it :)

Older texts:
While I tried to understand MM in 2.4 kernels I decided to create call graph of it. It could help everyone who tries to understand it.

I patched gcc 3.0.1 to generate stats needed, preparsed them by simple perl script and feed into dot.

Here is result for plain 2.4.12 (AA MM) in postscript and in GIF:

Here is result for 2.4.12-ac3 (Rik MM) in postscript and in GIF:

Happy studying.