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Last updated: 7.12.2003
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HTB is packet scheduler. It is currently included in stock Linux kernels from 2.4.20. To read news see below.

For Czech: Hledam programatora Rad bych do naseho tymu sehnal spolehliveho PHP programatora. Neni treba virtuos staci solidni interpret ;-). JS, Perl, C vitano, stejne tak smysl pro korektni modularni a komentovany kod. Moznosti lecos se priucit v ramci pracovni doby. Flex. prac. doba ale pouze v sidle firmy (Pha, Jarov).

To same plati pro admina. Napln prace - sprava par desitek serveru, Exim, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PgSQL, SpamAssassin a dalsi proprietarni sw.

Please general question regarding HTB should be send to LARTC mailing list. See I accept only bug reports and assume you read FAQ below.
Please assume that HTB related mails to me are not considered to be private unless you explicitly ask for it. In other words it means that I can put them into FAQ for example.



User guide (PDF version)
Theory and implementation
HTB3 performance analysis

Czech documents from my presentation at SLT 2002 in town Sec. These are part of ISBN 80-7302-043-2 by Konvoj and you can download them only for your private use.
STL 2002 HTB description
SLT 2002 Presentation slides

Older docs:

Older theory and ideas
Older performance measurements
Ideas on HTB1->HTB3 way


Mailing lists


To get tc tool for 2.4.20 and newer kernels, download htb3.6-020525.tgz below. It contains both binary and patch against iproute2. I hope Alexey will release new iproute2 soon (he claims it contains HTB code already).

HTB3 code (public beta, this is if you want to patch older 2.4 kernels but I strongly recomment you to use 2.4.20 or more recent one):
htb3.6-020525.tgz is the latest archive with patches, Changelog and tc binary. Tested with 2.4.17 and probably other 2.4.x will be ok. The file contains also rb_tree export patch which is now in 2.4.19pre. You may get some patch errors on kernels 2.4.19pre and newer. Note that you have to use new tc tool.

HTB2 code:
diff against 2.2.17 and probably other 2.2.x
diff against 2.4.17 and probably other 2.4.x
diff against iproute2 rel 991023 and tc binary (Warning: this doesn't work with HTB3 !!)